New Animal Welfare Law

In recent months, much expectation has been generated around the new Animal Welfare Law. This law,

In recent months, much expectation has been generated around the new Animal Welfare Law. This law, which came into force on September 29, 2023, seeks to regulate and control the keeping and treatment of animals in Spain, with the aim of protecting animals and guaranteeing their welfare. In this article, we are going to highlight how this law will affect the day-to-day life of homes, especially in relation to renting and living with pets.

  • Prohibition on leaving pets alone:
    According to the new law, it is prohibited to leave pets alone for more than 3 days, reduced to 24 hours in the case of dogs. This implies that owners must ensure that their animals are accompanied and cared for when they are absent for a period of time.
  • Restrictions on the sale of pets:
    The law establishes that the sale of dogs, cats and ferrets may only be carried out by authorized breeders, without the intervention of intermediaries. This means that individuals will no longer be able to sell animals through classified ads or other means.
  • Mandatory identification and sterilization:
    The new law establishes the mandatory identification of all cats and ferrets, as is done with dogs, through the use of a microchip. In addition, from the sixth month of life, all cats must be sterilized.
  • Training course for responsible dog ownership:
    One of the most noteworthy novelties is the mandatory training course for responsible dog ownership. This course aims to educate owners on the proper care of their pets and promote responsible practices. Although the details of the course are still being defined, it is expected to be mandatory both for new owners and for those who already live with dogs in their homes.
  • Dog liability insurance:
    The new law establishes the obligation to maintain in force a dog liability insurance. Although the publication of the corresponding regulation is still awaited in order to know the specific details, dog owners are recommended to go ahead and take out insurance to protect themselves against possible damages their pet may cause to third parties.
  • Adoption of pets:
    The law encourages the adoption of pets and opens the possibility of adopting in specialized pet stores. This will allow collaborations between these stores and animal shelters, facilitating the adoption of pets by interested persons. It is important to note that, although adoption is encouraged, the details of the process are still being developed and the publication of a regulation is expected.

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